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Improve Your Efficiency and Protect Your Scores

May 14, 2018 9:05 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Best Practices

Insights for Healthcare Cleaning

Use these best practices from Tennant experts and industry professionals to help create a cleaner, healthier and safer healthcare environment. In addition to giving patients and guests a better experience, you’ll create a healthier workplace for your staff and improve your image, too.

Enhancing Sustainability

Practicing sustainable everyday cleaning is an increasingly important goal for organizations. In addition to using fewer chemicals, generating less waste and using less water and energy, cleaning more sustainably helps you reduce costs, maintain indoor air quality and enhance safety.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Many patients across the healthcare spectrum have heightened susceptibility to infections, respiratory problems and other health issues associated with air contaminants. By maintaining indoor air quality through better cleaning equipment and practices, you can enhance the health of your patients and employees.

Putting Safety First

Patients, staff and visitors expect healthcare facilities to be clean and safe, and ensuring their safety is among your most important responsibilities. Reducing cleaning-related hazards — including slippery floors, poor indoor air quality, and the handling and mixing of chemicals — will help you minimize accidents and meet your safety goals.

Improving Patient Satisfaction

The HCAHPS survey measures patient satisfaction across 27 categories, including cleanliness and noise — and can offer valuable insights into where you need to improve your team’s performance. Because patient and staff perceptions can differ greatly, it’s helpful to think like a patient and navigate your facility with a critical eye — starting with walking through the front door.

Maintaining Your Clean Image

Healthcare facilities have always needed to be clean in order to fulfill their missions. But today, your facility also needs to be perceived as clean by patients and visitors — which makes it tough to find the right balance between not being seen enough while cleaning and being seen too much. Innovative solutions are available to help improve the cleanliness of your facilities, and to help them look and feel clean as well.

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