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Goodbye Summer, Hello New Cleaning Challenges

August 30, 2018 8:17 AM by Tennant Company

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Cleaning Outdoor Spaces in Autumn

In many areas of the world, changing seasons leads to changing cleaning challenges. The beautiful colors of fall trees can leave your facility covered in a blanket of dead leaves. The warm and dry summer months can bring dust and debris that prevents your facility from looking its best. The article below discuss three common outdoor cleaning challenges and how they can be addressed this fall.

Enhance Your Facility Image

The cleanliness of your outdoor spaces conveys a quality image, and visitors notice sand, litter and other debris on sidewalks and parking ramps. Keeping your outdoor spaces clean adds real value to any business. Durable and efficient sweepers and all terrain litter vacuums effectively collect dust, dirt and debris to improve the cleanliness of your outdoor environment. So – how can you enhance you facility image?

  1. Use Safe, Well-Designed Equipment - Select an all-terrain litter vacuum with stable, low-center-of-gravity design that adapts to your surfaces for increased productivity and safe maneuverability. High performance sweepers provide environmentally-friendly, all-weather dry dust control to ensure a clean and safe environment.

  2. Versatile Equipment Delivers Consistent Cleaning Results - Matching your equipment to meet your need to effectively clean a variety of dirt, dust and debris will help ensure your facility’s image remains undiminished. Keep your outdoor areas clean and inviting with versatile machines that provide one-pass cleaning and can handle a wide range of dust and debris.

S30 Rider Sweeper Cleaning Outdoors

Improve Outdoor Air Quality

Many sweepers pick up dirt and debris, but don’t do as good a job controlling dust. Whether you are a manufacturer or maintain a parking lot, dust is everywhere and can be a big problem. Keeping outdoor areas clean and inviting while also controlling dust is increasingly important amid growing concerns about air quality. Below are two tips for controlling dust and improving outdoor air quality.

  1. Use Multi-Stage Dust Control Systems - High-performance sweepers and litter vacuums with multi-stage dust control systems are designed to provide consistent cleaning results while maintaining outdoor air quality. Excellent dust control systems, including PM-10 certified products, enhance health and safety for visitors and employees, and keep sidewalks, grounds, streets and parking areas looking great.

  2. Filter Shakers Minimize Airborne Dust - Machines equipped with a filter shaker clean from the inside out, dislodging dust particles from deep within the pleats to improve filtration performance and maintain better air quality. Filter shakers also extend filter life to reduce maintenance costs.

Minimize Pollutants in Storm Water Runoff

Storm water runoff requires proper management. Reducing dirt and debris in storm water runoff is increasingly recognized as an effective way to improve water quality and is good for the environment. Keeping streets and parking areas free from dirt and debris helps ensure your business is taking steps to minimize pollutants in its storm water runoff stream.

  1. Use High-Performance Sweepers - According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, vacuum sweepers are an excellent choice for cleaning areas that are prone to storm water overflow because they are more efficient at collecting smaller dust and dirt particles typically associated with contaminated storm water.

  2. Select Versatile Machines Sweepers can enhance water quality by minimizing pollutants in storm water runoff – but only if they can reach the dirt. Versatile, well-designed sweepers with extendable side brushes can reach under confined areas such as benches and planters, and on-board pressure washers assist with off-machine cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

S9 Walk-Behind Sweeper Cleaning in Autumn

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