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3 Mistakes to Avoid with Service Requests

August 13, 2018 8:25 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Best Practices

Avoiding Common Service Pitfalls

Broken down or ill-maintained cleaning equipment means a loss of time and money. Skipping cleaning days can create trip and fall hazards and allow for unhealthy environments. Going back to a mop and bucket will get the job done sloppily and take much, much longer. So how can you prevent downtime?

To ensure you’re back up and running as quickly as possible, avoid these common service call pitfalls. Our service team weighed in and shared with us the top three mistakes people make when placing a service request:

  1. Vague Requests – “Machine broken.” “Need piece.” “Thing won’t go.” We get it. There’s a lot going on and you’re rushing to submit your service request. But taking a few minutes to describe your situation can better prepare our service team to provide you the assistance you need on their first visit.

  2. Overusing Squeegees or Brushes – Do you hate that feeling when you’re looking for something in the house and a family member points out that it’s right in front of you? That’s the same feeling you’ll get when you realize that you’re requesting service when in reality, you should be requesting a new brush or squeegee. If your machine isn’t cleaning the way it should, it may be time to put in an order for consumables.

  3. Ignoring Preventative Maintenance – “When was the last time you flossed?” is not a question you want to answer when you’ve got a toothache. But as much as you may hate it, your dentist has a point. Prevention is the best medicine.

    If you’re not caring for your machine, your service technician will be back much more frequently than necessary. Regular wear and tear is normal, but make sure you’re charging your machine’s batteries properly, clearing the filters, etc. to avoid having to call Tennant service frequently.

By avoiding the three actions above, you can bet your machine will have increased uptime and that your service rep can fix it right the first time.

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