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The Right Specialist for the Job

October 08, 2018 8:25 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Staffing & Personnel Productivity

Cleaning Equipment Maintenance

As the old saying goes, ‘pick the right tool for the job’. Many – possibly even most – people might admit to cutting corners on that if there’s a handy tool that will do. And most will realize that it’s usually better and less effort in the long run to get the right tool.

The same applies to specialists on your team.

You may have specialists in house or on contract who maintain your production machinery or critical business equipment like forklifts. They provide great value doing that work – keeping your business running. They’re the right resources for those jobs.

Cleaning equipment is in a different category than production machinery. Asking your specialists to take time to learn the mechanics of scrubbers and sweepers makes use of the resource at hand, but it is likely to take them longer to do the work, especially if sourcing parts is required. It may add more value to bring in experts from your equipment provider to service these specialized machines.

Take a look at this summary of the value that TennantTrue® service specialists can bring to your business. You’ve got a full “toolbox” of specialist resources to help keep your operations running smoothly – choose the right specialist for each job!

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