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Top Tips for Reducing Labor Costs

October 01, 2018 8:30 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Staffing & Personnel Cleaning Challenges

Control Your Cleaning Costs

Whether looking at the cost of a cleaning service, or managing staff productivity, finding ways to save labor costs is a constant for facilities managers. Here are a few keys to keeping your cleaning costs under control:

  1. Provide excellent training - A well-trained workforce enhances productivity and reduces re-work. Establish a training plan for employees that includes both initial training to ensure they quickly get up to speed, and ongoing training to ensure employees stay current and save labor costs.
  2. Invest in innovative, efficient technology - We live in a world with constant change. Invest in new equipment that increases your employees’ efficiency. Innovative new technology and equipment can simplify and streamline manufacturing processes, and provide a quick return on investment reducing the cost of cleaning.
  3. Consolidate products - Consolidating products used in the manufacturing process can simplify employee training, improve overall productivity and reduce labor costs. Buying larger quantities from a single supplier can also result in quantity discounts.
  4. Change your process or layout - When was the last time you reviewed your manufacturing process or layout to maximize productivity? Advances in technology and workforce skills might enable modifications that can boost productivity, optimize manufacturing space and reduce labor costs.

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