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What to Look for in a Quality Floor Scrubber Brush

November 29, 2018 8:40 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Cleaning Solutions

Characteristics of a Quality Disk Brush:

1. Nearly Perpendicular Bristle Angle

Scrubber disk brush bristles are designed to stay nearly perpendicular to the floor to minimize re-cleaning and extend brush life. Brushes with angled bristles create cleaning gaps as they wear, leaving more debris on the floor.

2. Unobstructed Cleaning Solution Holes

Cleaning solution flows straight through unobstructed holes to the floor for optimal cleaning results. Brushes with plugged holes diminish performance and waste costly chemicals.

3. Drain Holes to Clear the Drive Plug of Debris

Scrubber disk brushes without drain holes allow grit and grime to collect in between the drive plug and the brush adapter. This can accelerate wear and damage to the drive plug.

Cylinder Scrubber Brush

Characteristics of a Quality Cylinder Brush:

1. Straight, Round Tube with Extruded Spine

A straight, round tube with extruded spline simplifies installation and ensures consistent cleaning with minimal vibration. Some cylinder brushes for floor scrubbers can be uneven and require adapters that make installation troublesome and degrade performance.

2. Maximum Bristle Length

Maximum bristle length allows for longer cleaning life before wearing out, reducing replacement costs. Cylindrical brushes with weighty adapters reduce the bristle length and strain the machine, jeopardizing your investment.

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