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Tennant VS. Challenge

February 06, 2019 8:30 AM by Tennant Company

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Putting Our Equipment to the Test

While we have more official and formal processes to test the durability and functionality of our cleaning machines as they come off the manufacturing line, sometimes it’s fun to create some alternative tests for the sake of marketing.

We rounded up some props – a messy picnic, a sports car and some amateur hockey players – to double check that our floor cleaning equipment could stack up against some of the claims we make in our materials. (Not that our legal department would ever let us make a claim that wasn’t backed up by testing and research!)

Did you know that our Sentinel® Street Sweeper has a 13 foot turning radius? We took a popular sports car model to see how it would fare against tight turns.

Can the Sentinel outdoor sweeper’s vacuum wand suck up the contents of a picnic, including a full 2-litre bottle of pop? (Yes, it’s pop, not soda!)

Our T600e Floor Scrubber has a durable rotationally molded body, but can it stand up to being slapped with hockey pucks?

To see the results of these tests, be sure to check out all three videos here!

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