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Frequently Asked Questions About Robotics Safety

November 06, 2019 9:30 AM by Tennant Company

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Our T7AMR has been in the market for about 18 months and while it is an extremely safe autonomous cleaning machine, some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are around safety and robotics. Below are three of the most commonly asked robotics safety questions and their answers. 

1. What happens if a person or object moves in front of the machine?

  • The T7AMR has multiple cameras to identify when an unexpected object is near the machine. The machine is designed to slow down or stop as soon as it detects an object moving  in front of the machine, depending on the distance from the object. With LIDAR sensors located approximately 4” and 36” from the ground, the AMR can scan for a wide range of potential obstacles. If the T7AMR is able to move around an object, it will. If it is unable to move around an object, it will stop and notify a paired phone for assistance.

2. What if a ledge is in front of the machine?

  • The T7AMR autonomous scrubber is able to detect ledges, like a drop in floors in a mall or stairs in a school, during its navigation and will slow down and stop if needed.

3. What safety features are designed into the machine?

  • Besides obstacle detecting software, the T7AMR has multiple features designed that help ensure safety. The machine includes the following:
    • 2 emergency stop buttons
    • Password protected user interface screen
    • Perimeter guards to help prevent objects from getting underneath the machine
    • Beacon on top of the recovery tank for increased visibility
    • Turn signals
    • Weight switch in the seat to prevent joyriding
    • Breakaway rear squeegee, which means the squeegee will break apart from the machine if it hits something  

Another way robotic cleaning machines can help improve safety is by reducing mistakes due to human error. For example, nighttime cleaning crews may get tired or lose focus, which can lead to accidents or damaged equipment, structures or products.  Autonomous cleaning machines are designed to be reliable and consistent in addition to being designed with built-in safety features.  


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