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3 Ways Tennant Company Employees Helped the Earth in 2019

November 13, 2019 9:50 AM by Tennant Company

Posted in Sustainability

One of Tennant Company’s core values is Stewardship, which we define as leaving things in better condition than when we found them. Throughout 2019, Tennant employees participated in several activities that help us live our values and give back to the environment. Here are just a few to share…

Tree Planting by the Mississippi River

The Minneapolis-based marketing and product management teams had a great time planting 40 trees along Shepard Road in St. Paul with the Mississippi Park Connection (MPC) organization. The Tennant Foundation funded the program with MPC to get new varieties of trees harvested and replanted. This planting will help increase diversity of the floodplain tree canopy and create a more resilient landscape for wildlife once they’ve matured, especially with the decline of ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer.

Adopt-a-Trail & Adopt-a-Highway

In 2008, Tennant Company adopted portions of a highway and bike trail near the headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota. At the time, we committed to cleaning these sections twice a year. Little did we know that over 10 years would fly by, but here we are with nearly 1,000 total volunteer hours spent on these two activities alone. This year our volunteer turnout showed a great display of growing stewardship at Tennant Company. We had tons of new volunteers help clean our adopted sections of the highway and bike trail. Our employees care - we give back and dang it, we're proud of it.

Recycling Pad Wrap Program

How many of you have a few too many delivery boxes hanging around your home from holiday shopping? Our customers have had similar issues with excess packaging when their Tennant machines are delivered, but with our North American transportation partner Logix we’ve been able to deliver our machines without extra pallet and cardboard waste using the Pad Wrap program. Over the last eight years we’ve saved 19 million pounds of crating materials.

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