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Traditional Mops vs Mop Machines in Healthcare

April 23, 2020 3:45 PM by Tennant Company

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Healthcare facilities are held to a high standard of clean, by patients and their families, by healthcare staff and by regulations within the industry. Hospital floors also get a lot of traffic throughout the day, occupying housekeeping crews with floor maintenace to ensure patient and staff safety.

For many hospitals, mops and buckets are still common tools used to clean floors.  One problem with this method is that during the cleaning process, the soiled mop is reinserted into the cleaning solution which causes it to be contaminated. The tainted mop is then often used to clean other areas in the hospital, spreading the contamination.

While this may have been the only choice for floor care several decades ago, technology has advanced, and floor cleaning equipment has emerged onto the scene offering superior function on many levels. While the mop may have its place for quick spills or spot cleaning, automated floor cleaners do the job faster, easier, and better.

Why Traditional Mops Don’t Provide Clean, Safe Floors

  • They are sloppy.
  • They are inefficient.
  • They are hard on the back and body.
  • They leave floors wet that can cause slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Mops are unsanitary.

In its heyday, the mop was great because it was the only game in town. But now emerging technology makes the mop almost completely obsolete.

Why Mop Machines Enhance Productivity & Cleanliness

Easily adjust and maneuver to deep clean in difficult spots like around hospital beds and medical equipment.

i-Cart allows for organization and storage of your parts while remaining a clean and presentable.

Automated floor cleaning equipment, like the i-mop XL® and i-mop XXL®, offers a number of benefits that the mop simply can’t touch. If you’ve never tried a mechanized cleaning solution you are missing out on advantages for your housekeeping crew and your facility. Most notably:

  • They are clean and neat.
  • They clean very efficiently.
  • They do not require much physical exertion.
  • They are sanitary.
  • They can help reduce the potential for slip-and-fall accidents.
  • No more slop sinks - re-fill and empy virtually anywhere.

Not only are automated mop machines more efficient, they're also sustainable. These machines can help cleaning crews minimize waste and decrease use of chemicals.

When it comes to the Tennant brand i-Mop, it features a tank capacity of 1.5 gal / 6 L (XL), 2 gal / 8 L (XXL).

Additionally, it has a run time of up to 60 min covering 200,000 sqft enabling your cleaning team to be more productive and cleaner.

Housekeeping and cleaning programs are faced with a BIG job and limited resources (labor and capital) to get it done.

From ER and recovery rooms to hallways, kitchen and washroom areas and everything in-between mechanized cleaning equipment out performs traditional floor cleaning methods, hands down. So, drop the mop.

Clean faster, clean better, and create safer, healthier healthcare environments with today’s floor care solutions.


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