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3 Ways Diamabrush™ Makes Concrete Prep Better

December 14, 2020 8:00 AM by Tennant Company

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Tennant trademark diamabrush

As any Boy Scout will tell you, preparation is important.

That’s especially true when it comes to preparing concrete for a new or refreshed surface. Concrete prep is absolutely vital to the success of establishing a long-lasting coated floor. It’s also the most expensive and most difficult step in the process. And the quality of your surface preparation directly impacts the quality of the end result.

Fortunately, the tools have simplified surface preparation for the end user. Traditional methods of surface preparation include shot blasting and large diamond grinding — methods that are expensive, and may require significant training and know-how, in addition to specialized equipment with 480-volt three-phase power.

The Diamabrush™ Concrete Prep tools, on the other hand, allow professionals and do-it yourselfers alike to prepare and profile old, worn, dirty floors using standard 110-volt or battery-powered cleaning equipment, such as automatic scrubbers or single-disc flooring machines.

Here are the three ways that Diamabrush makes concrete prep better.

1.    Simplicity.

As we mentioned, you can use Diamabrush on existing, standard equipment. Don’t take that to mean these products are unsophisticated, though, because they’re far from it. Diamabrush tools are specialized based on whether they’ll be used on battery-powered automatic scrubbers, floor buffers orlarge propane scrubbers.

The Diamabrush system only requires you to know four things to get started: The make and model of the machine you’re going to use, the size of its brushes, the condition of the surface you’re prepping, and the square footage. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

2.    Speed.

The patented design of the Diamabrush Coating Removal tool prevents the abrasive from loading up or clogging like other abrasive products resulting in fast, consistent removal throughout the life of the tool. And it’s proven to work on a variety of coatings, including mastic, adhesives, thin-set and thin mm epoxies.

Tenannt diamabrush cleaning concrete floors

Tennant diamabrush paired with floor scrubber squeegeeblades, deep cleans concrete floors without causing harm to the surface.

Tennant diamabrush and floor scrubbers helps keep facilities concrete floors polished and clean.

Tennant diamabrush and floor scrubbers helps keep facilities concrete floors polished and clean.

Anytime you’re talking about concrete prep, part of the value of the work that you’re doing is in properly preparing the floor for its next coating. Without extensive experience or training, the Diamabrush system enables you to effectively prep your surface for a coating that will protect your floor and stay bonded for years to come.

3.    Cost effectiveness.

We can’t stress this enough — the Diamabrush tools allow you to achieve a professional profile for coating systems up to 30 mm thick at a fraction of the cost of traditional coating removal methods. Plus, you can just use the equipment you already have on hand. You can avoid the investment and hassle of expensive, hard-to-use equipment like diamond grinders or shot blasters, that often require enhanced power sources or special training for use.

The stakes are high when you’re doing concrete prep. If you do it improperly, your surface’s new coating could fail or require ongoing maintenance. The diamond grinding and shot blasting that are commonly associated with concrete prep can be intimidating.

The good news is, Diamabrush Concrete Prep tools simplify the process and help you feel good about your preparation for this large-scale project.


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