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How To Overcome 8 Scary Floor Cleaning Challenges

July 20, 2022 11:38 AM by Tennant Company

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Your staff is adept at addressing the daily cleaning needs of your facility — but are they ready for unforeseen demands? Heavy soils, tight spaces, wet floors, varying flooring surfaces, and unique facilities can all pose scary cleaning challenges. Read on to discover what those tough-to-clean spaces and spills are — and how Tennant Company floor cleaning equipment can help you conquer them.

1. Heavy Foot Traffic and Wet Floors

It’s one thing to scrub or sweep a floor when a facility is nearly empty in the dead of night, but the challenge becomes infinitely more complex when your staff must do so while also maintaining safe passageways for employees and visitors to pass without creating unnecessary slip-and-fall risks. Tennant products have exceptional water pick-up to leave your floors safe and dry.

2. Tight Spaces

It might seem like a mop and bucket is your only choice for navigating tight spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, but that’s not the case. Micro Scrubbers from Tennant Company are designed to move deftly in tight quarters with brush widths as narrow as 11 inches. They also clean flooring surfaces more efficiently and with fewer chemicals than a mop and bucket would require.

High Touch Areas

3. Reduced Staffing

Whether due to budget cuts and hour reductions or record-low unemployment, more organizations are now facing the challenge of cleaning their facilities more efficiently with less staff time. With autonomous floor cleaners from Tennant Company, your organization can continue to deliver the same level of cleanliness, health, and safety that stakeholders and visitors expect while coping with a slimmer workforce. Labor hours that would have been dedicated toward tedious mopping can be redeployed toward high-touch areas.

4. Carpet

Carpet can have aesthetic benefits in certain types of commercial and residential spaces, but it can also be a cleaning nightmare. Keep carpet and rugs in high-traffic areas clean and safe with the optimal Tennant Company vacuum for your organization’s needs.

Wet/dry vacuums can manage spills, oily residues, and even floods with ease. Wide-area walk-behind vacuums can clean a 30-inch swath to maximize efficiency. Cordless vacuums enable staff to clean tight areas without creating tripping hazards with power cords. And ergonomically designed backpack vacuums provide the ultimate in mobility and manueverability. Whatever the size, type and location of the carpeted area in your facility, Tennant Company has a vacuum solution for your organization’s needs.

5. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring has a reputation for being low-maintenance—but they’re not no-maintenance. These flooring surfaces can quickly lose their luster if not cleaned or maintained regularly. Moreover, spills that are not cleaned up quickly can cause permanent staining or erode the floor’s protective finish. Concrete floor care solutions can vary depending on whether it has a finished surface and desired gloss level. Tennant’s stone floor care solutions can ensure that your concrete floors are always sparkling without inordinate labor and effort.

6. Warehouses

“The Amazon Effect” has led to a proliferation of third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses, and these types of facilities can pose unique cleaning challenges. About 80% of the soils found in a 3PL warehouse or distribution center are dry particulate soils, i.e., dust and dirt, which can create hazards for workers and damage inventory. Autonomous floor cleaners can play a pivotal role in keeping warehouse floors clean and clear without inhibiting order fulfillment.

Polished Concrete

7. Schools

Most floor cleaning in schools happens after hours, but some situations — such as mass student arrival during a rainstorm — require floor cleaning during instruction time. Fortunately, most Tennant Company floor cleaning machines can carry out effective cleaning at a low 73 decibels. To put that into perspective, that’s equivalent to the operating noise of a residential dishwasher.

8. Hospitals and Clinics

Floor cleaning in healthcare facilities isn’t just a matter of efficiency and appearance but also of health and safety. Cleaning biomatter can present unique challenges and risks, and even daily floor cleaning is a fundamental part of an infection control program. Pathogen contamination of environmental surfaces in patient rooms has been widely documented by the National Institute of Health. Tennant Company offers a wide range of floor cleaning equipment for the healthcare industry, designed for these specific demands and risks — helping to keep patients, visitors, clinical staff and cleaning teams healthy and safe.

Is your organization ready to take the next step toward overcoming these scary cleaning challenges? Learn more about floor cleaning technology from Tennant Company can help.


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