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Customer Referral Program

Uncover Opportunities and Be Rewarded!

How to get started

To be eligible, simply report your referrals to Tennant by clicking below.

Why should you participate?

  1. It's easy to submit
  2. It's quick to earn
  3. It earns you money

Reimbursement and Eligible Products

A flat rate will be paid on referrals received with the following guidelines:

  • A referral supplied to Tennant that results in the sale of a machine(s)
  • Multiple machines may be submitted per referral to a maximum of $5,000 USD per referral.*
  • If your lead should result in an order placed with Tennant, Tennant is required to obtain a W-9 from either you as an individual, or your employer if the program is facilitated via your employer. This is requirement of the IRS and payment will not be issued until the W9 is received. 
  • Customer Referral payments will be made 30-60 days after a sale is completed.
  • Refer to Customer Referral Program Flyer for complete information.

Earning Potential by Product
Robotic Floor Scrubbers
  • T16AMR, T7AMR, T380AMR
$1,000 USD
Large Riders
  • Scrubbers: T20, T17, T16
  • Sweeper-Scrubbers: M30, M20, M17
  • Sweepers: 800, S30, S20, S16, 6200
$750 USD
Walk-Behinds /
Small Riders
  • Scrubbers: T500, T500e, T581, T600, T600e, T7, T12, Nobles SS500, SS Rider
  • Sweepers: 3640, S10, 6100
$400 USD
Small Walk-Behinds /
Stand-On Scrubbers
  • T300, T300e, T350, T290, T390
$200 USD

* Subject to Tennant management review and approval.


Eligible third parties that do not work directly for Tennant can participate. Referrals generated by individuals for their own company or subsidiary are not qualified. Family members of a Tennant employee are also excluded from participating in this program.

Referral Definition

A referral is defined as a new project. It must not have been quoted or demonstrated within the last 12-month period by a Tennant representative nor can it be on a current Tennant “hot” prospect list. Tennant’s Customer Referral administrator and/or the sales representative will make the final determination on the eligibility of all referrals.



Call: 1-866-540-1399 ext.1270


Enter referrals at:

Sales Transaction

Qualifying sales of the equipment may be new, demonstrator, or pre-owned equipment sold outright or through a leasing program to the customer by Tennant or one of its distributors or coatings sold through an application contractor.

Maximum Payout

Please note that a “per referral” payout will be capped at $5,000. This is the maximum amount that any customer will receive for a single referral.

Tennant Company

10400 Clean St
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2650 USA
USA/Canada: +1-866-540-1399
Quebec: +1-800-361-9050
Overseas: +1-763-540-1315

It is imperative that the referral be appropriately documented prior to an order being placed to qualify for reimbursement. If your referral turns into a sale, you’ll receive your cash payout in the form of a check.

Customer Referral Program
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