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Maintain Health & Safety

Create a Cleaner and Safer World With Tennant Equipment

Commit to the health and safety of patients, residents, students, customers, visitors and workers with innovative, sustainable Tennant cleaning solutions. Elevate your cleaning standards with solutions that not only remove dirt and soil, but also leave surfaces safe, dry, and ready for traffic. Protect air quality by not only cleaning dust and debris, but by capturing microscopic particles with HEPA filters, choosing battery powered machines, and using fewer detergents with harsh chemical smells.


Meet Higher Standards with Tennant Solutions

Independent, third-party organizations evaluate Tennant products and technologies for compliance with national and international safety standards. Look for Tennant cleaning solutions, degreasers and detergents that have been certified by NSF International. And, trust the “slip, trip and fall prevention experts” at the National Floor Safety Institute who have certified Tennant technologies and floor coatings.

*ec-H2O NanoClean® cleans more soils in more applications than the original ec-H2O™. ec-H2O NanoClean® technology is not suitable for all soils, including heavy concentrations of fats and oils.  Depending on the type of soil, conventional chemical cleaners may be required.

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