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Risk Management

Ensuring a Safe Working Environment

Communication is one of your primary responsibilities. Workers need to know how to safely operate machines, handle chemicals and what they can discharge down the drain. Regulatory agencies like OSHA and the EPA need to know that you are in compliance with established standards, rules and regulations.

Your success depends on how well vendors like Tennant communicate with you, too. By providing equipment training, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), reporting on safety ratings, reminding you about planned maintenance, and keeping you informed about recalls and changes in detergent or chemical formulations, Tennant can help you maintain compliance, and ultimately, protect employees.

Trust Tennant to consistently and reliably communicate with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your machine — from set up and training throughout the life of your machine. 


Are you ready to chat with a Tennant representitive? Every facility poses unique challenges, but a conversation is the first step to finding the right solution.

TennantTrue Service
Maintain Compliance With Tennant

  • Request employee training for your Tennant cleaning equipment from one of our factory representatives.
  • Make SDSs readily available for your employees. Request our regularly updated documentation that complies with the latest Hazard Communication Standard.
  • Trust clearly labeled TennantTrue® parts, which have highly visible Biological hazard warnings, when needed.
  • Perform do-it-yourself, daily machine maintenance on equipment with easy-to-identify, yellow maintenance touch points.
  • Use genuine TennantTrue® replacement parts to ensure optimal machine operation and safety.
  • Service your Tennant equipment with our factory-trained, Tennant service technicians who will ensure your machines meet manufacturing specifications and ensure safe, ongoing operation.

Tennant T7 with ec-H2O floor scrubber
Maintain Health & Safety

Choose a Committed and Caring Business Partner

Our commitment to creating a cleaner, safer, healthier world has made us a world leader in designing, manufacturing, servicing and selling solutions that help you keep your warehouses, plants and distribution centers clean.

When you purchase cleaning equipment from Tennant, our team will help you every step of the way, making it easy to research solutions, compare cleaning equipment and choose between product options. Work with a sales consultant to customize the right solution for your application, then count on TennantTrue® parts and service to help you get the most out of your cleaning equipment.



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