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Sustainability & ESG

We are working to reinvent the way the world cleans by embedding sustainability across our business while we continue to focus on developing innovative solutions that solve our customers’ biggest challenges.  

Our legacy provides a unique opportunity

Our commitment to stewardship is more than a responsibility, it's an opportunity. As an industry leader, we’re uniquely positioned to improve our business and increase our commitment to sustainable practices in ways that advance our own business and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. By doing that, we can have a much broader impact and affect change on a global scale.

We’re proud that Tennant Company was one of the first 100 global companies to have our science-based targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction approved by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We have set and achieved sustainability targets throughout the business, and we know we can do more.

Now is the time for ambitious climate action to help prevent the worst impacts of climate change and to invest in the future of our business in our ever-changing world. Working together with our customers, employees, and partners, we know we can create new innovations that improve our shared spaces, leaving them cleaner, safer, and healthier.

And we have great plans for the future

To achieve this, our sustainability framework, Thriving People, Healthy Planet, starts with the foundational interconnection between people and planet – because we know our business cannot be successful without a healthy planet and thriving people.

We will set goals, build roadmaps, and measure our impact across six impact areas: Employee Success, Social Impact, Shared Spaces, Climate & Energy, Water & Chemical Use, and Circular Products & Waste.

We believe that by working towards ambitious commitments together with our stakeholders, we can achieve our business goals while we help people thrive and contribute to a healthier planet. We invite you to join us.

As a market leader with a reputation for innovation, I’m confident that we can work toward ambitious commitments to effect change on a global scale. By embedding sustainable thinking into how we work, we’ll continue to deliver solutions that help our customers solve their biggest challenges and meet their sustainability targets. Working within our own business and with our stakeholders, we will help people thrive and contribute to a healthier planet. 

David W. Huml
Tennant Company President & CEO

David W. Huml

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