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Robotic Floor Cleaners Can Help Your Facility Shine

October 19, 2022 9:12 AM by Tennant Company

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There’s no denying that robotics are transforming nearly every industry — cleaning and maintenance included. Automatic floor cleaning machines from Tennant Company can help your organization deliver a consistent clean — all while using less cleaning chemicals and in less time.

New technology comes with inherent fear, however. Workers wonder: “Will a machine take over my job?” “If robotics are the future of clean, then what’s coming next?” “How do I stay relevant as automation technology advances?”

These are all fair questions, but one truth remains: Automation will never replace human effort for high-touch areas. Sparkling entryways and shining windows are what make your facility stand out — and automation is just another tool to get you there.


How Does Robotic Cleaning Work?

AMR Inventory Scan

The beauty of AMR technology from Tennant Company is that is doesn’t require tracks on the floor or dots on the wall to adeptly navigate your facility. Instead, AI technology powered by Brain Corp. helps your floor scrubber machine to sense the environment around it and adeptly navigate your facility. AMR technology can sense stationary objects in the machine’s path, like a chair in a hallway, and navigate around them. Robotic cleaning machines can also adjust their paths around moving objects including forklifts, picker carts, and people.

AMR technology from Tennant Company can do more than just clean floors, however. Tennant is working to develop additional solutions to add even more value to an AMR mobile platform, like Inventory scanning technology that will help perform two tasks using the same base platform. This will help determine what’s on your store’s shelves, where product is located at a given point in time, and if signage is accurate against current promotions. This capability can drastically accelerate inventory and restocking efforts. More importantly, however, is ensuring that customers can find the products they want when they want to buy them and to keep them in the store.

Clean Facilities Require a Human Touch

AMR may take care of all the heavy lifting, but the technology doesn’t have the capability to roam your facility’s hallways sweeping and scrubbing all on their own. Automatic floor cleaning machines require a skilled labor force to program routes, service batteries, properly dose cleaning detergents, and more.

That said, the countless labor hours that once used manual scrubbing can now be diverted to high-touch tasks. Things like deep cleans and scrubbing recessed spaces can move up the priority list from annual occurrences or “nice to haves” to action items that your staff has time for on a regular basis.

Those tasks may include:

  • Regular window cleaning
  • Scrubbing outdoor sidewalks and pathways
  • Regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces like door handles and push buttons
  • Floor waxing and polishing
T380AMR Cleaning School

AMR Helping You Work Smarter, Not Harder

EC-H2O Technology

In the past, your labor force likely spent hours pushing a mop and bucket around your facility. This process isn’t just tedious; it also requires more chemicals to achieve the same level of clean. Additionally, standing water on floor surfaces can create a substantial slip-and-fall hazard. Automatic floor cleaning machines are equipped with ec-H2O NanoClean® technology to harness the power of water to clean deeper while using less chemicals in the process.

With unemployment at record lows and workforce shortages gripping nearly every industry, your organization needs to strategically evaluate every opportunity to work smarter, not harder. Autonomous floor cleaners are a prime opportunity to do just that. Your cleaning staff can get your autonomous floor cleaner moving, then reallocate the time they would have spent manual scrubbing toward high-touch areas so your facility can truly shine.

Ready to take the next step toward embracing the robotics edge in your facility? Learn more about Tennant robotic cleaning machines and how they are right for you.


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