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Marsden South Looks to Tennant for Versatile Equipment to Clean a New Facility

Marsden South, L.L.C., a Marsden Holding company, is a leading provider of commercial janitorial, building maintenance and specialty property services, serving small businesses to large multi-state companies throughout the central U.S. As a rapidly growing business, Marsden frequently faces the task of developing and optimizing a cleaning solution for a new customer.


After winning a contract to provide building services for a financial services company’s new 350,000 square-foot office building in Georgia, Marsden encountered a building with six different types of flooring — including a new flooring type from a European manufacturer that Marsden had not previously cleaned. The building lacked sufficient space to store separate machines for each flooring type, so Marsden needed to strategically select and place equipment capable of cleaning multiple surface types. By minimizing the types of equipment used, Marsden also aimed to lower the labor costs of training operators on new equipment.

The new surface presented a particular challenge, requiring special attention to avoid leaving chemicals in the surface’s many crevices. The previous cleaning process recommended was delivering unsatisfactory results.


Marsden turned to its trusted partners at Tennant, bringing several Tennant equipment specialists to the site to assess equipment needs, productivity best practices and training recommendations. Tennant and Marsden identified the Tennant T300 Orbital Scrubber as the optimal cleaning machine for the unique flooring. Marsden further chose to equip the T300 Orbital Scrubber with ec-H2O NanoClean® technology, eliminating the need for additional passes to pick up chemical residue — and enabling single-pass cleaning. To cover the other floor types in the new building, Marsden purchased the Tennant T2 Scrubber — compact enough to use in tight spaces that traditionally require mop-and-bucket cleaning — and a wet-dry vacuum with a front-mount squeegee for the transitional flooring. Tennant helped Marsden strategically place the new equipment, streamlining cleaning patterns to maximize productivity. To ensure cost-effective operator training on all of the floor cleaning machines, Tennant trainers led multiple on-site training sessions to help ensure operator competency and prepare staff for success.

"Tennant really made us feel like a valued partner. They took the lead in finding a solution, using their hard-earned experience and expertise to position us to succeed."

Tim Rupard
President and Chief Operating Officer
Marsden South


Tennant’s strategic cleaning plan is driving immediate and impressive results for Marsden, starting with minimized equipment overhead costs. “We have the right equipment for the job,” said Tim Rupard, President and COO of Marsden South, “The previous cleaning process using a cylindrical cleaner wasn’t giving us the results we wanted, so Tennant allowed us to test its orbital scrubber — and the results were fantastic.” The powerful T300 Orbital Scrubber enables Marsden to clean the unique surfaces in a single pass, greatly improving productivity, while leaving floors dry in seconds to reduce slip-and-fall risk and improve safety. Strategic equipment use based on the flooring type minimizes equipment transfers and saves operators significant time each day.

ec-H2O NanoClean technology reduces overall cleaning time, reduces chemical costs and help avoid harsh chemicals that may impact the life of the flooring. “For us, ec-H2O NanoClean technology is more than just effective and economical,” said Marsden Vice President of Workplace Safety and Health, Mike Kilsdonk. “ec-H2O NanoClean is healthier and safer for all those who use the office building — and supports Marsden’s commitment to sustainable cleaning practices.”

With this start-up success under its belt, Marsden is ready to tackle the next challenge on its growth path. “Tennant’s expertise and experience is just an invaluable resource for us,” concluded Rupard. “Knowing that we can count on them, we can confidently focus on growing our business.”

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