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ec-H2O NanoClean®

The Next Generation of Detergent-free Cleaning Safely and Effectively Cleans Soils in More Applications

ec-H2O NanoClean®* technology electrically converts water into an innovative, detergent-free, solution that cleans effectively, saves money, and reduces environmental impact compared to daily floor cleaning chemicals. This converted water is created by an on-board e-cell that generates millions of tiny microscopic bubbles known as nanobubbles that promote the cleaning efficacy of the solution. This next generation solution offers the same great benefits of the first generation and now cleans better by cleaning more soils in more applications.**

Since Tennant introduced its globally well-adopted, proprietary ec-H2O™ technology in 2008, advances in nanobubble technology have led to ec-H2O NanoClean. This technology delivers next generation cleaning with nano-scale bubbles that break down dirt, food greases, and other challenging soils, then suspend them in the cleaning water where the squeegee can easily remove soil from the floor.**



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* ec-H2O NanoClean® is a Registered Trademark in the United States.

** ec-H2O NanoClean™ cleans more soils in more applications than the original ec-H2O™. ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology is not suitable for all soils, including heavy concentrations of fats and oils.  Depending on the type of soil, conventional chemical cleaners may be required.

Brands marked with ® are registered in the United States and/or other countries. Brands marked with the TM are not registered and protected under applicable law.